Greektown Eat-A-Thon

My Dad and I came up with a plan to eat our way through Chicago's Greektown.
The idea was to not repeat any orders at any of the restaurants. You know, in order to maximize the number of meals we could try. 
Three of us ordered a different appetizer at each restaurant and we split them.

We started at Pegasus with tiropitakia (feta cheese and spices stuffed into Filo dough), soutzoukia (meatballs with spices and a tomato sauce), and kolokithakia (pan-fried zucchini with a side of a rather garlicky tzatziki sauce).

We walked off the first round and popped into Roditys.
We ordered Mavrodaphne, but sadly the batch was bad, so we settled on Chateau Ste. Michelle for our wine. Next up was saganaki (flaming cheese), dolmades (grape leaves with a thick egg-lemon sauce), and some rendition of moussaka (eggplant and meat pie). I missed the picture of that last one.

After passing several more restaurants, we were ready for more and poked our heads into the Parthenon for egglemon soup, olives, feta, spinach pie (I think), hummus, and the Mavrodaphne I had been waiting for.

We walked the block and noticed a brand new art gallery had just opened. That's a post for another day though. Once we were done chatting with a phenomenal artist, the sun was setting, and we were ready for dessert. Ok, we kind of forced it down after all the deliciousness we had earlier in the day.
Artopolis happened to be on the same side of the street as us, so we obviously had to stop in.
I had almond baklava, M had traditional walnut baklava, and my Dad had galactoboureko (lemon custard with orange blossom syrup).

So, my favorite dish of the day (besides the olives and feta that I'm pretty sure I could live off of), was the tiropitakia from restaurant numero uno.
My favorite restaurant was a tie between Roditys and the Parthenon. The waiters were personable and the atmosphere was comfortable. Pegasus was a little place I'd like to have dinner dates, not exactly somewhere to go to get a sloppy gyro or be elbow deep in tzatziki sauce.

Overall, it was a great success. I can't wait to do the same with Little Italy, Chinatown, the German village, etc, etc, etc.

Stay tuned for my post on an amazing artist they call Garsot…

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