During our epic Greektown eat-a-thon, we came across a brand new art gallery.
We stopped in and interrupted an artist going to town on a huge canvas.
It was Sotirios Gardiakos, aka "Garsot".

He welcomed us in, and insisted that we weren't interrupting him.
After getting his permission, I started snapping away as he explained the meanings behind his beautiful masterpieces.
Some were Greek mythology, others were about keeping our planet clean, several were completely abstract, but his explanations all made sense (at least I nodded as if they did). For the most part his paintings look straight forward, but there are secrets hidden in them.

This one has women hidden in the background.

This one is about Greek history and mythology.

This one has something to do with music between the planets.

This is an "appealing woman". He wanted to steer clear of anything anyone could find offensive, so he didn't add a face and kept her neutral.

This one is about keeping the Earth beautiful.

This one is based on Greek mythology. It only looks like a man chained, but when you look closer you can see someone hiding in a Lion's pelt coming to release him.

His paintings range anywhere from $50,000 to $500,000  but he sells tiny prints for a cool $250.
Garsot has sold paintings to people all over the world, and we were lucky enough to get a personal tour of his art gallery.
By the end of our meeting, we had talked about art, food, Greek culture, and I was pretty sure a dinner invitation was going to spill out of his mouth at any time. It never did, but he did invite us back to hang out and enjoy his new work.

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