I'm afraid of color, therefor, I have color commitment issues.
When M and I found out our offer was accepted on the house, we went room by room picking colors and layouts.
Nothing went as planned. We were changing colors the night before tinting the paint and couldn't agree on any curtains (not that he really cared about the curtains, he just knew what he didn't want- basically everything I liked).
Our color scheme went to the wayside when we couldn't find any of the colors we originally wanted in curtains, pillows, etc., and we ended up with earth tones everywhere.

Then we got a little loco. We started over with a new color palette.

Since our family room and kitchen already were the dark and light browns, we thought it was perfect.
We decided first that our foyer and adjacent hallway color should be purple.
We picked a shade, had it mixed, and began painting.
I HATED it after one stroke of the roller.
I had a little meltdown, but M insisted that if we kept going, it would look better.
After the entire hallway was painted, I was in panic mode.
Holy Barney, it was awful.
A little purple goes a long way.

After a mini meeting of how we can save the paint and use it somewhere else, we decided that maybe if we only did the foyer it would be a lot less purple-y.
And somehow it was.

Then we turned our attention over to the living room.
It already had one wall painted due to not having any good stopping point while painting the family room accent wall.
We thought that would be the best room to have be our bright green room.
Neither of us could really pin-point the right shade between sage and lime, so we picked one we could both agree on.
It works for now.
Here you can see all three of the colors together.

The light coming in makes the colors look a lot darker than they really are. They're pretty light, yet bright.

And recognize those curtains? They were previously in our family room… we'll get to that later.

Moving back to Barney the hallway. Something had to be done soon because I could see the purple mocking me from behind the primer I put over it.

M finally let me have some gray in the house. I wish it was named "Elephant" because it seriously could not be any better of a match to the animal.
It's a perfect mix of dark and light, it's kind of brownish, but mostly gray, and my favorite (non?) color in the house.

Don't mind the wall on the right, we have lots of touch-ups to do.

I really wanted stripes in the bathroom that comes off of that hallway. I've seen it done a few times on Pinterest, and after much coercion, M approved my idea.
I marked off the lines and painted the bright white areas, then taped off, and went in with the same gray I used in the hallway.

I'm in love.

Eventually I'd like to either stain the vanity to a very dark color, or just paint it black.

Remember how I told you M and I had given up on our original color scheme?
It's back.
For my birthday I was given a Pier 1 gift card from my in-laws.
M and I took a trip to see what we could pick out for the house. What did we find?
Aqua (our original favorite color), purple, and limey/sage EVERYTHING.
Pillows, curtains, blankets, place mats, napkins, decorations, etc.
I realize how scary the colors all sound together, but look it up. It's quite appealing to the eye.
(Here, here, here, here, here)

We thought it over and decided we should throw the teal/aqua color back into the mix. I ordered the curtains and am so happy we finally found something with color that we could agree on. This picture doesn't do them justice. They're vibrant without being obnoxious - exactly what we were looking for.

And now the obligatory before/after shots:

That's what we've been working on for the last month and a half.

Up next: the dining room (maybe).

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