I did it! After a billion years of school and excruciatingly painful boards, I am finally an RN!
I changed my major roughly 8 times, but I finally completed a useful program.
M & I ventured back to Michigan this past weekend so I could walk across the stage and get that paper.
Let me clear something up quickly. Each of the graduates only got 6 tickets. For me that meant Mom, Dad, Step-Mom, Husband, Grammy, and Grampy. I couldn't even invite my brother, so for all of my aunts, uncles, cousins, step-family, in-laws, and friends, I really am sorry, but it was out of my control.
Go on and trust me when I say I saved you, though. It was boring and sweaty, plus M took some pictures so you can see it all.
Sigh... those gowns are not flattering.

Look, there's me making a derpy face and waving to my family like I didn't expect to see them.
Here you can also see the girls that sat on either side of me. The one in front of me is about 8 months pregnant and extremely uncomfortable as it is, not to mention we sat on metal chairs for close to 2 hours in a very hot gymnasium. I helped fan her.
The girl behind me just woke up. It was 7 pm. She thought it was a good idea to do shots starting at 9 am.
She learned nothing during her years in college.

Another derpy face, and the girl behind me seems to have fallen asleep again.

I'm DONE! I passed the NCLEX and can begin work at any time.
It just takes one little call from the HR department at a hospital. So, you know, call me!